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Kick-start your mind & body with a Juiceman 3 day cleanse

If you're feeling sluggish, wondering where your glow has gone, and in need of a booster to get you into summer mode, then this 3 day juice cleanse will get your mind and body back on track.

“Don’t panic, it’s organic!”
I’ve never actually done a cleanse before, and I don’t own a juicer, so I knew I had to find a top-notch organic juicing company to do it all for me. I chose Juiceman’s 3 day cleanse because his juices are 100% highest grade organic, cold pressed, unpasteurised and come in glass bottles.  

Mr Juiceman himself (none other than Andrew Cooper, the ex-Diet Coke break 'hunk').  Andrew walks the talk and
set up Juiceman to share his passion for all things good and healthy - not a fizzy drink in sight! 

Getting started  
With any juice cleanse, preparation and aftercare is essential, so Juiceman advises cutting out caffeine, dairy, alcohol and processed foods from your diet at least 2 days before you start. There are 3 cleanses to choose from. I selected the C3 cleanse - ‘the daddy of all cleanses' - for what promised to be the ultimate cleansing and detoxification experience. It isn’t really advised for first-time cleansers, especially if you're used to drinking lots of caffeine etc, but I was allowed because I’d prepped well in advance. 

All the ingredients are 'hand-picked, handmade and hand bottled'.  100% raw...and they taste as good as they look!

All Juiceman juices are made fresh to order and can be delivered to your home or work address. My 3 day cleanse arrived in a refrigerated box along with a ‘Daily Plan’ which contained very helpful and encouraging notes to help me pace myself. My daily allowance was 5 x 500 ml of delicious juices per day plus an Awaken Shot (with ginger, lemon and manuka honey) to take first thing in the morning. I drank all of my juices with a straw to savour the flavours and to stop me from gulping them down in one go. Juiceman recommends that you take a heaped tablespoon of psyllium husks every morning with your first juice to give you some fibre and help support intestinal cleansing, and colosan to take with water and lemon juice (something I’d never heard of before, but which helps cleanse the digestive tract). 

        Juiceman tip: adding some organic hemp oil to each juice and shaking before 
drinking will help to absorb the essential nutrients in your juice.

The experience
I never felt hungry during the juice cleanse, although I did start fantasising about food towards the end of my 3rd day. Day 1 & 2 were a breeze. In fact, on day 2, I was full of energy. By day 3, however, I was more subdued, but that might have been because I’d over-exerted myself the day before! On the morning of the 4th day, I realised I didn't want to stop, so I went to my nearest Juiceman stockist for more supplies so I could extend my cleanse for a further 2 days, omitting the husks and colosan and instead re-incorporating light salads, avocados and adding nut milks to ease my stomach into more solid food (the nut milks are very creamy and comforting at the end of the day – like having a dessert).

The Verdict
This is the best thing I’ve done this year and has set me up for my holiday next month. I'm continuing to eat lighter than usual because my stomach tells me when it’s had enough - I couldn’t hear it before! My skin looks great, my brain is much more alert, and my tummy is as flat as a pancake (no bloating), I’m energised and I’ve lost a few pounds.  Result!

Obviously, an element of discipline is required to do a juice cleanse, but remember that there is a great reward at the end - the beginning of a healthier new you.

Thank you, Juiceman!

For full details on how to book your Juiceman juice cleanse, go to:

Individual juices, nut milks & health shots now available to buy from Fortnum & Mason

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Spanish (foodie) heaven in the City

We’ve been fans of London’s best Spanish chef José Pizarro ever since he opened his small-but-perfectly-formed tapas bar José on Bermondsey Street in 2011, followed by his beautiful wood-panelled restaurant Pizarro a few doors down. Already a local (foodie) hero in SE1, José’s latest venture takes his authentic dishes (many of which are inspired by his mother’s and grandmother’s cooking) to the newly-developed Broadgate Circle in the City.

José is passionate about sourcing the best possible ingredients, and on the menu there were half a dozen very tempting Large Dishes (including Pan fried hake with clams and peas). But our eyes (& stomachs) were very drawn to the Pica Pica (snacks) and Small Dishes (tapas) menus. The Prawn fritters with saffron aioli and pimenton is currently the restaurant’s most-ordered dish, and we could definitely see why - they were succulent, juicy and wonderfully flavoursome.

Other dishes we’ll definitely be returning for include the thinly sliced and tender Grilled octopus (not a hint of chewiness here!), seasoned with pimenton and olive oil and served with baby potatoes  plus the Croquetas ‘caseras’ (house style) -  the filling changes daily and they were serving a delicious combination of béchamel, aubergine and ham on the evening  we visited. And we couldn’t resist ordering the Torta del Casar. Half a creamy cheese (sourced from José’s home region of Extremadura) is warmed to the ideal dipping point and served with olive oil biscuits and tomato jam. This would make the perfect indulgence-for-two - alongside a couple of glasses of the restaurant’s delicious Codorniu Cava, perhaps at one of the long outside tables on an early summer evening.

It’s hard to resist ordering José’s entire tapas repertoire (and going for seconds of the Fritters) but we recommend saving space for the fabulous desserts - the perfect chewy almond cake served with yoghurt and orange and the beautifully presented Chocolate on toast - a very ‘grown up’ dessert, consisting of rich dark chocolate mousse and crisp toast flavoured with salt and olive oil.

José Pizarro  is also open for breakfast (we love the sound of Grilled chorizo with a fried egg and patatas fritas…), 36 Broadgate Circle London EC2M 1QS @JP_Broadgate

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Top (Lippy) Tips for a Lovely Smile

Lovely MAC lipstick

Here on YOU magazine, we do love a new lipstick, and we’re excited about the hot S/S15 shades - particularly Lancome’s Shine Lover O My Rouge (a sheer, shiny amazing red) and
MAC Tumble Dry (a lovely peachy coral for summer).

Lovely Lancome lipstick

However, we also think there’s no point in applying an eye-catching new shade if our teeth aren’t looking their best. So we decided to go back to basics and ask top cosmetic dentist Dr Uchenna Okoye to give us her tips for a lovely smile…

Dr Uchenna Okoye

What toothbrush do you recommend? Right now I am recommending the Oral-B Pro 5000 Cross Action Power Brush - if you don’t have one already, do invest in an electric toothbrush. I love this brush - the 16 degree angle bristles remove up to 100 per cent more plaque along the gum line than a manual brush, so you can be confident that you are cleaning your teeth really well. However, many of us with an electric brush still don’t know how to brush our teeth properly so invest in time with your dentist or hygienist to learn how to use it properly.

Super-efficient Oral-B toothbrushes

How important is it to floss?
I do harp on about flossing yet still so many people don’t do it. If you want to keep your teeth, then floss.  If new to flossing, tape works just as well but is often easier to use.  The little interdental brushes also work brilliantly.  I would floss once a day to remove the debris of food that gets stuck in between your teeth and a minimum of three times a week; night time is the best time to do this. 

We’re often running late in the morning. Should we brush our teeth before or after breakfast? 
Always brush your teeth before breakfast and ideally a good 20 minutes before.  I would say 80 per cent of us still brush after breakfast as we’ve been taught this way and this is still the biggest mistake people make.  If you brush after breakfast, you are brushing the sugars on your teeth further into the protective enamel which weakens it over time.   After breakfast rinse with water or a fluoride mouthwash.  The fluoride helps strengthen your teeth against attack from bacteria.

One of our many daily cuppas...

We’re big tea drinkers and have noticed that this can turn our front teeth a bit brown (not a good look!). What can we do to reduce staining?
I’ve seen a surge in teeth staining over the years as the tea and coffee market has become more popular. What always shocks people is staining from herbal teas - they simple can’t believe that fruit infusion teas and green teas will stain, but they do. Leave your tea standing in a white cup and see what it does to the china - the same thing happens to your teeth!  I recommend rinsing with water after drinking any teas, and combining good brushing with a good toothpaste that helps with stain removal.  

It’s that 4pm slump….Is there such a thing as a ‘healthy treat’ when it comes to teeth?
Personally I go for carrots every time.  They’re sweet enough to satisfy that particular craving whilst being healthy enough to tick all the right boxes!

We have to admit to sometimes falling into bed without brushing our teeth after a late night! Is this as bad as not taking off our make-up?!
It is just as bad if not worse actually.  If you think about what you put into your mouth on a daily basis, it’s a bit like not emptying your bins.  If worst comes to worst, swirl with a fluoride mouthwash or rub toothpaste over your teeth and swirl it around.  Or you could use sugar free chewing gum, but you need to chew for five-to-ten minutes, so you might as well brush as you only need to do that for two minutes!

What are the worst foods for dental health?
Prolonged and frequent exposure to sugar is the worst as it takes about an hour for saliva to neutralise the sugar that covers the teeth after eating a chocolate bar or a pack of sweets.  If you have any acidic or sugary drinks, use a straw. This includes all these juice detox foods.  So many people are juicing right now and the impact on their teeth is shocking.  Within six to eight weeks of juicing you can start to see the damage on the enamel of our teeth.  If you are juicing a lot brush teeth before NOT after.

Yellow teeth go particularly badly with red lipstick!  What’s the best method of whitening teeth?
Any whitening of teeth should be done by a dentist.  In surgery whitening has immediate results and is a little bit more expense but at London Smiling we provide trays as well as the in-surgery whitening so guests can then top up in the future. Professional home whitening involves trays that are worn at night.  The end result for both is the same, it’s a matter of timing with home whitening taking longer.  Anything that stains a white shirt will stain your teeth so with whitening it’s normal to top it up depending on your diet.   Using good quality toothpaste helps remove stains and helps to maintain the colour, although they will not change the underlying colour a huge amount - only professional whitening can do that.  Make sure you have the minimum six-monthly hygiene visits - good hygiene will remove stains and take your teeth  two shades lighter.  

Dr Uchenna Okoye is the Clinical Director of London Smiling Dental Group. She and her colleagues pride themselves on promoting beautifully relaxed smiles rather than nervous grimaces at their London dental practices - with a combination of highly competent treatment and a calm aura (lovely little touches include the application of lip gloss to patients’ lips before treatment to stop them drying out. More smart spa than scary surgery!)

Monday, 18 May 2015

A few of our favourite things at Chelsea Flower Show

Imposing boulders from Chatsworth in Dan Pearson's show garden

After a gorgeously sunny weekend, the heavens opened just in time for the first day of Chelsea. But never mind - we keen YOU magazine gardeners told ourselves that rain is always good for our own little plots, plus many of the show gardens were actually enhanced by the downpour, which glistened on oak and slate walkways, sparkled on woodland greenery and added delicate sound and movement to all the water features.

Always on the look-out for ideas to take home with us, we were inspired to:

1 Plant some yellow flowers. Gorgeous yellow blooms - across the spectrum from soft pale shades to vibrant brights - really stood out in the Show Gardens on this gloomy opening Monday. Dan Pearson’s stunning Laurent-Perrier Chatsworth Garden is an enchanting woodland featuring delicate yellow and white flowers, dotted through with eye-catching purples. 
Yellow poppies planted by Dan Pearson

2 Find the perfect garden seat - where we can relax with a cup of tea after a spot of watering and dead-heading. We loved the welcoming wooden picnic area in the The Sculptor’s Picnic Garden by Walker’s Nurseries - a stylish woodland oasis featuring sculptural oak branches and planted with pines, conifers and grasses.

The welcoming ‘nest’ at the heart of the Breast Cancer Haven Garden also caught our eye. Inspired by The Haven - the national charity providing unique one-to-one support to anyone affected by breast cancer - it is centred around a woven willow ‘recliner’, creating a reassuring and peaceful space, which symbolises the embracing  nature of The Haven.

Supported by Nelsons (appropriately the brand behind the wonderful Bach Original Flower Remedies), the garden is also designed to raise awareness of the free complementary therapies offered by The Haven, all of which are clinically proven to benefit women and their families who are experiencing the physical and emotional side effects of breast cancer.

The Sculptor's Picnic Garden

Inviting willow 'nest' at the heart of the Breast Cancer Haven Garden
Uplifting flowers in The Haven's Garden

3 Introduce a water feature. Many of the gardens had beautiful watery elements - including the The Beauty of Islam Garden, where each area is linked by water, considered both functional in Islamic garden design but also important for nurturing the soul. There is also a lovely sinuous stream weaving its way through Dan Pearson’s garden.
The Beauty of Islam Garden
The water feature in the Laurent Perrier Chatsworth Garden

4 Try to get our hands on some sculptural rusty metal.  We noticed the gorgeous orange tones of rusting steel in several of the gardens, and particularly loved the effect in the Dark Matter Garden for the National Schools’ Observatory, where it enhanced the planting in (mainly) shades of green perfectly.

The Dark Matter Garden

5 Water our cacti! Two of the stand-out stars of this year’s Flower Show are the wonderful Vicki Newman and Stan Griffin - who run Craig House Cacti in Birmingham and are exhibiting their beautiful succulents in The Great Pavilion. Dressed in their cacti-themed outfits (they unveil a new design at Chelsea every year), they are on a mission to spread the word that cacti actually do need regular watering. Craig advised us to, ‘water once a week between March and October, then keep cool and dry in the winter.’  He and Vicki over-winter their cacti in a cool greenhouse.   He recommends feeding with Cactus Feed (you can also try Tomato Feed, though it doesn’t have all the trace elements the cacti need.)

Vicki and Stan

Vicki and Stan's beautiful cacti

We’ll be rushing home to feed and water our neglected cacti - and are hoping they finally flower as beautifully as Vicki and Stan’s do!

We wish our cacti looked like this!

Rosalind Lowe

Fashion: Choc Luxe

Five delicious ways to wear summer’s most sumptuous shade. 

Jumpsuit, £2,020, Jenny Packham

Cotton blouse, £627; crepe and satin skirt, £1,670; linen hat, price on request, and leather belt, £290, all Donna Karan Collection. Shoes, £890, Aquazzura, from

Taffeta shirt, £640, and taffeta skirt, £1,560, both Michael Kors. Shoes, £1,150, Jimmy Choo.
Silk dress, price on request, and cotton hat, £145, both MaxMara. 

Silk-mix dress, £2,320, Emilia Wickstead. 
Donna Karan, 020 7479 7900
Emilia Wickstead, 020 7235 1104
Jenny Packham,
Jimmy Choo,
Maxmara, 020 7499 7902
Michael Kors, 020 7659 3550 

Style Editor Philippa Bloom
Photographer Lucia O'Connor-McCarthy 
Fashion assistant Cassie Leach
Hair Sven Bayerbach at Factory using Kevin Murphy
Make-up Amanda Grossman at Frank Agency using Clarins skincare and Aerin make-up
Model Klara K at FM London
Producer Lucy Coghlan
Set Jeff Lambert

Get The Look

Stab Stitch Shirt, £38,

Figure Hugging Dress, £29.99,

Checked Skinny Trousers, £25.99,

Laser Cut Suede Dress, £149,

Friday, 15 May 2015

Drinking a toast to the world’s best female chef!

It’s not every day that we get to have dinner with one of the world’s top chefs, so last night there was an air of ‘can’t quite believe our luck’ anticipation amongst the guests in The Connaught’s private dining room, where Hélène Darroze talked us through the inspiration behind her stunning tasting menu.

Hélène Darroze joins us for her delicious food

Usually to be found in the kitchens of either her eponymous restaurant at the hotel or of her Parisian fine dining room (or on Eurostar in-between!), the two-Michelin-starred chef has just been awarded the accolade of Veuve Clicquot World’s Best Female Chef and, to celebrate the occasion, she joined us for a six-course dinner (delegating the cooking to her wonderful trusted team in The Connaught’s kitchen.)

The beautifully-adorned table (including vases of pretty pink sweet peas, one of Hélène’s favourite flowers) was the perfect setting for a meal which paired her delicious combinations of tastes and textures with fabulous Veuve Clicquot champagnes. The emphasis was on seasonal food, highlighting the relationships Hélène has built up with incredible food suppliers around the world. Our favourite dishes were the Salmon (sourced from France) served with fennel (salad and mousse), lime and horseradish and the Ravioli with new-season asparagus and morels - served in a simple jus from the vegetables, along with ricotta and Manni olive oil. 

Hélène will be honoured at the The World’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards (the restaurant industry’s Oscars) at London’s Guildhall on 1st June, but in the meantime she’s heading to Cannes Film Festival this Sunday to cook for a gala dinner hosted by actress Salma Hayek, in support of her charity The Salma Hayek Foundation. 

So where does Hélène go to eat in London when she’s taking a well-deserved break from her chef’s whites? Current favourites include The Mount Street Deli for breakfast (‘It’s simple and casual and all the dishes are good’), Claridge’s for tea and The Clove Club in Shoreditch Town Hall for dinner.

Finally, we couldn’t resist asking her if there was one ingredient she couldn’t live (cook!) without? ‘Duck fat for roasting’ and ‘Espellete pepper for seasoning’:  two tips we’ll definitely be taking home to our own kitchens (along with fabulous Veuve Cliquot champagne.)

Restaurant Helene Darroze , the Connaught  , Carlos Place , London W1K 2AL

The World’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards, sponsored by S.Pellegrino & Acqua Panna, will be unveiled on 1st June – follow @TheWorlds50Best to watch the countdown live from 8pm BST. The Veuve Clicquot World's Best Female Chef award celebrates the work of a woman whose cooking most impresses the world’s toughest critics and most venerated chefs. Inspired by the life and achievements of Madame Clicquot who, nearly 200 years ago, set the standard for women in business, Veuve Clicquot is dedicated to empowering innovative and audacious women through its sponsorship of the World’s Best Female Chef and the annual Veuve Clicquot Business Woman Awards. 

Rosalind Lowe

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Tap water gets a super-luxe makeover

We’ve been coveting the cute water bottle on our colleague’s Alice’s desk for weeks - a glass bottle with a grey silicone jacket featuring a white heart, from cult American brand BKR. Until recently the bottles were only available in the States (gym bunny Alice was an early adopter) so we were thrilled to meet the brand’s founders Kate Cutler and Tal Winter at today’s Selfridges launch in Vintage Salt on the Rooftop.

BKR founders Tal Winter, left, and Kate Cutler

The friends decided to give drinking bottles a luxe makeover after they started work as lawyers and spent their first pay cheques on Manolos and Prada handbags - high-quality items they really enjoyed and cherished. It didn’t feel right to be drinking out of unglamorous disposable plastic bottles so the girls set themselves the challenge of designing the ‘the kind of water bottle an It Girl would drink from’ - one that the owner would really love and reuse daily (rather than throw in the trash).

Hugely popular in the US (celebrity fans include Giselle, Reece Witherspoon and Blake Lively), BKR regularly launches new colours inspired by catwalk collections. This season’s top shade? The dusky pink - Pout - is already flying off the shelves in California!) But despite the style makeover, you won’t find the BKR bottles in Selfridges fashion dept but rather in the beauty dept, because - quite simply - increasing your water intake is the single most effective thing you can do to nourish your skin. No matter which expensive creams you apply, your complexion won’t look its best unless you’re properly hydrated (and, as the girls point out, filling a water bottle straight from the tap - and chilling in the fridge - is better for us than drinking un-fresh water from plastic bottles that have been sitting around.)

As for us, we’re happily slurping from our lovely new grey BKR bottle - we love the fact that this shade is called London (now we want one in Holiday green too!).

BKR (pronounced ‘beaker’) bottles, £25 for a 500ml bottle, available exclusively from Selfridges 

Tuesday, 12 May 2015


The mixologists in action on a busy Friday night

The Peg + Patriot – the new star on the East London night scene – is a cocktail bar with a difference. Part of Bethnal Green’s uber-cool Town Hall Hotel, housed, as you may have guessed, in Bethnal Green’s old town hall, it’s the brainchild of maestro mixologist Matt Whiley (who has been wowing Londoners for some time with his creative cocktails at One Leicester Street Hotel’s Talented Mr Fox).

Drink me! P+P’s home-honed concoctions

Tagine Genie, anyone? Or how about a Korova Milk Sour? The cocktail menu at the Peg + Patriot is as inventive as it is quirky – and each drink is a liquid work of art. We tried Paloma Lone: tequila, the herb meadow sweet, grapefruit and soda with a frosting of caper salt round the rim – lip-pursingly sour but with a refreshing citrussy kick; and the Vesgroni, a powerful remix of the classic negroni, with stripped Campari, gin, Italian aromatised wine and Konik’s Tail vodka. Whiskey lovers will rejoice: there’s a choice of 29 bourbons, including a smokey Californian called Bowen and the interestingly named Whistle Pig Boss Hog. The passionfruit hop gin – distilled on site in what looks like an enormous hubbly-bubbly - is also worth a try.
P+P classics: citrus sharp Paloma Lone and power-packed Vesgroni

Bowen whiskey: a smooth, smokey Californian charmer

With its gunmetal grey walls, leather banquettes and filament lights, the Peg + Patriot is part gentleman’s club, part hot hang-out. The central bar with its saddle stools is abuzz with movers and cocktail shakers, but the candlelit tables at the room’s edge are intimate and cosy.
The central bar with its ride-’em-cowboy stools

It may be only a whisker from Hoxton’s haute-hipster haunts, but it’s miles away in atmosphere. On a Friday evening, post-work, the bar was busy but not frenetic, the vibe laid-back and not try-hard. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable and super-passionate about their liquors.

The hubbly-bubbly-style gin distiller

As kooky as the cocktails, including fois gras burger and scotch egg piccalilli.

Cocktails from £9 each; bourbons from £6.50 a shot.

The pun-tabulous cocktail menu

Around the world in 50 liquors

Definitely worth the trip – but if your tipple of choice is a vodka martini, prepare to be shaken and stirred. With its experimental mixes and artisanal liquors, the Peg + Patriot is at the cocktail cutting edge.

Patriot Square, London E2, 020 7871 0460,



Gin - milk acids - honey - egg white

Infuse 8.75g of yoghurt powder into 1 bottle of gin and leave to infuse for 24 hours before straining (yoghurt powder is available online).Heat 100ml of water to 70 degrees and mix with 100g honey and 1 small pinch of salt to make a honey water (this is best for mixing into other liquids).
Separate 1 egg and keep the white - fresh eggs work best.
You can buy lactic acid from brewers’ websites. Put 25g milk powder on a baking tray lined with parchment paper and roast at low temperature until golden brown.

To make the drink
50ml yoghurt-infused gin
15ml honey water
2.5ml lemon juice
2.5ml egg white 
5 drops lactic acid 

Shake all the ingredients hard in an ice-filled cocktail shaker. Strain into top of the shaker and discard the ice, then shake again. Strain into a chilled coupe glass.

Cath Sheargold